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Patience seems like a virtue we need less and less in our modern world. With a couple of clicks or taps you can receive instant gratification in most of what you desire. I then see this bleed over into the world of our professional careers where we hope to have results that historically taken others years to achieve.

If you’re looking to stand out from your peers, try simply being more patient than your peers. Trust in the process of your own development and know that some things will just come in time. You’re doing great. There is no reason to get down on yourself for not achieving what it appears like your peers are achieving faster than you. Look at your career as a marathon, and not a sprint. Play the long game and try not to seek instant gratification for things in which there is no shortcut button.

This rant is part of the Unique Breed series which I’ve designed to help you set yourself apart from those receiving job offers you thought you should have received. The market is tough, but these skills have really helped candidates stand out to me as a hiring manager.

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