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Designed Today is for constant practitioners not afraid to put their heads down and get to work. Learn how industry experts have excelled in the field, and how you can too. Every day presents a new opportunity to take the next step, so what have you Designed Today?


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About the podcast

Launched at the beginning of 2018, I’ve interviewed everyone from industry experts to UX Designers fresh out of boot camps. The blend allows for our listeners to assess where they are at in their career, and know what it takes to make the next leap.

These conversations are candid. No fluff or post-edit. Just real ideas, best practices, and application.


I often struggle to find podcasts that keep me engaged enough to listen to multiple episodes. As an experienced UXer I have been listening frequently. I find the content relevant and something I can glean additional knowledge & insights from. Thank you!

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A few of our guests

Catherine Wong

Chief of Product at Domo

Nir Eyal

Author of Hooked, and Indistractable

Kyrillos Samaan

Principal UX Designer at FOX Sports Australia

Alex McArthur

Former CMO of Purple

Sarah Doody

Founder of The UX Portfolio Formula

Alli Torban

Host of the Data Viz Today Podcast

Lauren Treasure

Chief of Product at Chatbooks

Debbie Levitt

Author of Delta CX

Doug Collins

The Denver UXer & Host of #UXTalk

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About the host, Dillon Winspear

Coming from a background in Marketing & Entrepreneurship, Dillon pivoted into a career in User Experience Design because of his passion for understanding different perspectives and solving problems along the way. He’s dedicated his career to understanding the in’s and out’s of design thanks to so many talented individuals who’ve shared their wisdom along the way.