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All the time we are trying to find our ‘angle’ in our professional career. Trying to find a way to really get a grasp and become ‘one of the best’. That style of learning took me to click on a medium article a couple of months back which was titled “The 6 Rules to Own Design” – the article, however, caught me by surprise when the 6 points were not what I was expecting. While typically I see these types of articles talk about design patterns, shortcut keys, or standards, this one focused on bettering yourself as a human being.

The article really struck a chord and I ended of reaching out to Rick Veronese who is the author of the article. I knew that if I could get him on the show to talk about me through his thoughts on the piece, he could impact many who listen to Designed Today. This would also mark the first time I couldn’t sit with a guest in person because Rick joins us from his home in the UK.

You can read the article referenced here: The 6 Rules to Own Design

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