Today you get to meet a friend and mentee of mine, Uliti Fangupo. I met him over two years ago when he was in the middle of a UX Bootcamp. He reached out trying to better himself and his career. It was clear to me that he had the “Drive” and “Ambition” to succeed in the real world.

I took him under my wing and gave him a couple of opportunities and he spun it into gold. After 120+ applications for different jobs, he re-evaluated his approach and landed a great job with a start-up in which he’s been successfully building products ever since.

Ambition & drive can be a double-edged sword. For as much good as it can do you, it can have its drawbacks. Everyone needs to learn how to cultivate their drive and ambition, but balance it amidst your other qualities.

You can find more of Uliti below:

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