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Madison Stephens is one of the more talented and unique individuals I’ve ever met in my life. As you get to know her through this interview, you’ll probably think to yourself, “What hasn’t she done?” On the peak of a mountain of experiences, she has also carved out a place for herself as the “SME” for Content/UX Writing. On the show today, Madison shares what she has coined, the “5 Mantras” of UX writing. Yeah!

Many UX designers often shy away from doing too much writing in their design. After all, we are designers, right? Wrong! Lorem Ipsum is only going to get you so far in conveying the message of your unique design experiences. Language and communication are pivotal to any successful design. If you think you can run away from it your entire career, you’re in for a wake-up call, my friends. The good news is you can improve. Get it right here, today, practice with Madison’s 5 mantras!

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